Tannery Tris was founded in1969 by Peretti Silvano and Bortoli Palmerino. Today it’s recognized around the world for the quality, the service and the innovation.
During the years, Tannery Tris has become a company that produces about 2.000.000 pq every month in a area of over 20.000 SQ, where happens every processes related to the leather’s transformation (from the rough to the end product). This success is happened with the support of the intuition and the dedication of the human resources and a stable relationship with the client.
The great experience and the creativity of the founders have guaranteed a stable growth in terms of sales volumes, that has permitted to found new development’s spaces and new investments.
Tannery Tris gives attention to the technological innovation, uses the best techniques and the machinery to carry out the precision labors with maximum rigor and respect for the environment.
The attention to detail takes places in every manufacturing process with the aim of offering a high quality product fort the client.
Tannery Tris uses an internal laboratory to crate fashionable products and to preserve its traditional craftsmanship. We believe that the union of the tradition and the innovation is the best strategy for an innovative company.
Our purposes are related to our client: we want to create innovative products and invest in the technology,human resources and effective solutions that protect the environment.

The Tannery Tris is part of a group which also includes the Tannery Jolly.