LINEAPELLE 98 presents the Summer 21 trends, in the name of eliminating excesses

The 98th edition of LINEAPELLE is upon us. In the spaces of Fieramilano Rho, from 19th to 21st February 2020, the fashion trends for the summer season 2021 will be presented. As usual, Conceria Tris will be present in hall 15, in stands D 19-21 and E 20-21. At the event, 1,200 exhibitors are expected from more than 40 countries, specialized in the tanning sector, in the production of accessories, components, fabrics and synthetics intended for the manufacture of design, fashion, luxury, furnishings and automotive. LINEAPELLE will welcome about 20,000 buyers from more than 100 countries, who wi [...]

Positive Export trends for Italian fashion and leather goods

Exports in the fashion sector, in the first quarter of 2019, have a positive sign: + 7.3%. These are the numbers of Fashion economics trends published by Camera moda, compared with the same period of the previous year. It is thanks to abroad that the entire Italian fashion sector (including leather and leather goods) continues to lead the world and an annual closure is expected at 66.8 billion in revenues. CUSTOMER PROFILE Istat data confirm that in the period January-June 2019 the first Made In Italy fashion market was Switzerland. Exports to Switzerland increased by 54.6% in the first two qu [...]

LINEAPELLE 97: perfect balance between innovation and creativity

Innovation, circularity, style, market. These were the cardinal points on which the Lineapelle edition n.97 developed, the most important global event of the entire Fashion sector, which was held at Fieramilano RHO between 2-4 October 2019. A edition that had a single objective: to explore the horizons of the Fashion & Luxury sector in all i ts possible variations. The numbers of Lineapelle In the days of the fair, the 2020/2021 winter collections of more than 1,270 exhibitors from 46 countries were presented to an audience of over 20,000 buyers from 114 countries from each continent. More [...]

Waiting for Lineapelle97: trends, news and guidelines

Now it is just a short while. Lineapelle97, the most important trade fair appointment for the entire international fashion & luxury industry chain connected to the world of leather, is scheduled from 2th to 4th October 2019 in the spaces of Fieramilano Rho. A range of exhibitors from more than 50 countries are ready to present their proposals and their innovations to client companies from all over the world. A business experience that is indispensable for us at Conceria Tris and for many other companies that deal with leather products: from tanneries to accessories, from fabric manufacture [...]

2019 UNIC Assembly: success lies in environmental sustainability and in knowing how to communicate the leather

At the end of June, the Annual Meeting of UNIC - Concerie Italiane was held at the Bocconi University of Milan. During the event, the balance sheet data were presented, the most current topics in the sector, risks and opportunities for growth were highlighted.   Data and forecasts The balance sheet data have outlined an overall lackluster 2018 that, after a promising start, has gradually lost momentum, especially in the footwear sector. The automotive trend, on the other hand, is positive, while leather goods are moving up and down. The results: tanning lives a period of resilience. The t [...]

Leather for footwear: types and characteristics

For each shoe its leather. The term "shoe" refers to an infinite number of categories: boots, moccasins, brogues, décolleté, ballerinas, trecking shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, slippers, sandals, formal shoes and so on. Each type of shoe requires different types of leather, so as to allow the foot to wear a comfortable, stable, durable and classy shoe. The physical characteristics of the leather, combined with the type of finish and tanning are some of the main parameters that are taken into consideration by manufacturers in the selection of leather for footwear.   Skins and shoes: some [...]

Fashion Sector Growing: the overview by Confindustria Moda

The turnover of the fashion sector is increasing and all the main economic indicators are growing. Confindustria Moda traces an overall picture of the market trend, based on the pre-final data for the year 2018. In detail, the revenues of Italian companies in 2018 reached 95.7 billion euros, with an increase of +0.9% compared to the 2017 figures (94.8 billion euros). On the Export front, the sector reached 63.4 billion euros, with an increase of +2.6% compared to the 61.8 billions of the previous year. On the Import front, instead, in 2018, the amount reaches 35.1 billion euros, with an increa [...]

Conceria Tris obtains the certification of compliance with the LWG protocol

LWG: Leather Working Group. It is the certification obtained from Conceria Tris, confirming its commitment carried out over the years to adopt a production philosophy based on environmental sustainability. The certification of conformity to the LWG protocol aims to identify the best practices in the leather processing sector, with particular attention to the issues of ethics, respect for the environment and safety:   The commitment towards a sustainable production by Conceria Tris Over the years, we have turned our energies towards a renewed philosophy and approach to production, based o [...]

Bovine leather: types and characteristics

One of the leathers worked in Conceria Tris is cowhide. Depending on the animal from which they are obtained, the processing or skins to which they are subjected, raw or semi-finished leathers are destined for different uses. From calf, for example, you get a leather used for the production of luxury footwear and clothing. Large calves and buffaloes are used to produce items for the automotive and furniture sectors. From the cow, on the other hand, products are obtained for footwear (soles and uppers), to leather goods (belts, watches, baby carriers, backpacks, purses, bindings, linings, colle [...]

Calf hair: qualities and features of the flagship of Conceria Tris

Fashion designers and interior designers know this: not all leathers are the same. Not all of them can meet their artistic vein. Not all of them manage to arouse the same emotions and to perfectly adapt to the most different contexts. Not all, but the calf hair does it. Flagship of the history and catalog of Conceria Tris, where it is worked in solid color and in its silk-screened declinations, the calf hair is a precious article, used to transform an object into a piece of design, to wear or to be admired inside the most luxurious homes, instilling a sense of timeless elegance and a strong pe [...]

Real Leather or Synthetic Leather: features and legends

During the last years, many people have spoken about the Leather by saying many legends, opinions, prejudices and debates that have divided consumers, associations and business specialists. The main question is this: Real Leather or Synthetic Leather? What’s the best choice? Which one protect the environment? Which one is the most long-lasting? In these rows, we want to explain the real meaning and features of these products. Leahter is a continuous fabric and it’s a part of the integumentary system. It consists of 3 layers: epidermis (the most external one), the derma and the subcutaneous o [...]

Lineapelle95: numbers, trends and ambitious goals

The number of exhibitors are increased by 4,1% and the visitors’ one by +2%. The last edition of Lineapelle is the most international one (49% of exhibitors are international – 105 represented countries) and becomes the most relevant event for the global Fashion business. As in the past, the fair is the official stage to show the trends for the next season, summarizes the business development, indicates the most important innovations. For us, the results are very stimulating. Based on the last innovative fashion trends, we are ready to deal with a very interesting season.   LEATHER T [...]

Lineapelle95 Winter19/20 in the name of the creative revolution

Lineapelle95 is coming ( 25-27 September 2018, FIERAMILANO Rho). As is tradition, Tannery Tris will be there to discover all trends for the next Winter19/20 season.   REFLECTIONS BETWEEN REAL AND FAKE Discover tour own complexity to appear with your style. This is the mood of this edition. The world becomes a polycentric universe, dominated by the cleanliness and essence, with simple and contemporary elements. Here, you can redefine the concept of opulence. In this edition, the color becomes philosophy. It’s used to describe the contemporary, full of contradictions and complexity. Tones a [...]

Waiting for Lineapelle95: the Summer 19 fashion trends

The next edition of Lineapelle will be on 25-27 of September (FIERAMILANO Rho). Here, we will see the Winter ‘19/’20 trends. For us, Lineapelle is an unavoidable event, but now we see again the most important trend of the past edition of Milan, London and New York.   FASHION SUMMER TRENDS ‘19 Research, tests, innovation. The Spring-Summer 2019 season is dominated by an important research project, with new materials, colors and surfaces. The manufacturing is layered to create a rich and unexpected effect, but the real news is the return a basic style. A basic approach that is very efficien [...]

Textile industry, Fashion, Accessory: sales volume is constantly growing

One year ago, Confindustria Moda was born. It is the new federation related to Fashion, Textile Industry and Accessory. One year later, Confindustria Moda publishes the first data of the Fashion Business. The preliminary estimate shows that the sales volume of the Footwear, the Tannery, the Fur, the Glass, the Golden and Jewels and the Textile Industry grew by +3,2% ( € 94,2 billions). The analysed sector includes 66.751 Italian companies and 581.000 employees. During the year, companies have seen a decrease of the -0,9% (-624 units), but the employees are increased by +0,1%.     Ex [...]

The art of tannery: the leather finishing process

Non-specialist people can believe that the tannery manufacturing process is a mechanical and cyclical activity, but this is not the case. The tanning is a refine and complex art that combines creativity and precision, expertise and experience, big manual skills, huge sensitivity, aesthetic taste, humility and respect for the environment, for the animals and for the craftsmen who taught us this job. Work with leather is an ancient job. With leather, our ancestors have created the first clothes, a coverage of their houses and to protect themselves against bad weather. During the centuries, the [...]

Italian Tannery: the perfect mix between innovation and export

“Tannery business is an excellence of Made in Italy in the world, despite being less attractive than other business for mass media. Tannery is a mix of creativity, tradition and the ability to adapt to changes of the international market demand”. Luigi dell’Olio uses these words to open his recent article, published on Here, he analyze the panorama of the Italian tannery business. His article explain a clear situation. During the period January – October 2017, the volume of production are increased by 3%. Globally, the Italian tannery is worth 65% of the entire turnover of this [...]

Lineapelle94: number, trend and future

Innovation is the central idea of Lineapelle. During the fair (20 – 22 February 2018, FieraMilano Rho), events and workshop have converted this appointment into a creative and original laboratory. Future products, new tecnologies, innovative business models, chemical analysis and new opportunities are the main themes of this fair.   Numbers of Lineapelle The last edition of the most important Tannery fair has hosted 1,254 exhibitors from 45 Countries, with an increase of +5% compared to the last year (february 2017). Italian (+4%) and foreign (+6%) companies have increased their participa [...]

Italian Tannery starts running again to the Export

The Italian Tannery starts running to the Export, after a slow period. This information is revealed in the last valuation of Unic (Unione Nazionale Conciaria Italiana), related to the first 9 months of 2017. Last year, the Italian Tannery has increased the Export volumes (+9%) and values (+1%).       2018 starts very vell. The Italian Tannery business consists of 1,200 companies, 17,612 operators and 5 billion of annual turnover. This industry is a global leader because it guarantees manufacturing technology and high-quality. Around the world, some areas continue to increase: [...]

Luxury: the market without crisis

In 2017, the overall luxury market grew by 5 percent, with positive performance in every areas of the world. The results of the sixth edition of the Worldwide Luxury Market Monitor by Bain&Co e di Altagamma Consensus 2017 confirm this situation. The Luxury business concerns the personal luxury (€ 262 million of turnover), the luxury cars (€489 million of turnover), the luxury experiences and the Italian luxury system. This one is grown by 5 percent during this year and it maintains its international market share of 10 percent. In the Italian Tannery the results are very interesting: during [...]

Manufacturing of Vicenza: boom during the third quarter

In the third quarter of 2017 the manufacturing production of the companies of Vicenza has increased considerably. Confindustria Vicenza has examined these data into the last conjunctural analysis and we want to share with you these numbers. Compared to the same quarter of 2016, this year has been an increase of +3,91% +1,58% in the second quarter of 2017).   Import-Export These data are driven by the Export (in Italy, Vicenza is the most relevant area in the Export sector pro capita and the third most important in terms of absolute value). Compared to the same period of the last year, in [...]

Dynamic, stimulating and growing: this is Lineapelle93

Lineapelle continues to center the goal. Edition N° 93 of the most important international sector-related exhibition, held from 4th to 6th October at Fieramilano Rho, closed with an increase of 2% and obtained a great data: the business continues to grow.   THE NUMBERS The 1,285 exhibitors (+3.5% compared to September 2016) welcomed an audicene of 21,687 buyers and creative staff (+2%). The visitors came from 113 states, and the italian ones are increased by 5%. This increase demostrates that the maufacturing companies reinforce their presence in Italy. The Luxury business continues to at [...]

A semester with record number for the Fashion districts

We know that Italy is the only Country of the world with a complete and high-quality spply chain. It's is confirmed by Ivan Scalfarotto, undesecretery of the Economic development, anb by the last data of the individual districts. The Italian system can cover every area of the Fashion business: footwear, clothes, leather goods, goldworking, from the beginning of the supply chain, with the textile industry and the tannery..   SUPPORTING DATA On this issue, the Direction of studies and researches of Intesa Sanpaolo has developped the Monitor of districts for Il Sole 24 Ore. It shows thi [...]

Waiting for Lineapelle: the results of the last edition

The preparations of Tannery Tris participation at the next edition of Lineapelle are started. We wil wait you in Rho Fieramilano (October 4-6 2017, stand D19-21 E20-22) to present our Winter 18/19 proposals.   LINEAPELLE: THE RESULTS OF THE LAST EDITION We share with you the main results that Lineapelle has achieved in the past edition. Generally, the fair has hosted more than 21,800 direct visitors, with an increase of 3% from the edition of September 2016 and of 1% from the edition of February 2016. The 55% of the guests comes from Italy and the 45% comes from foreign countries. In par [...]

Tannery restart to employ: the gap is closed, positive balance

The fact is positive: during a year, the Venetian craftmanship has produced 5.000 new jobs (more than 3% - 166.49 units). The parameters are similar to the 2012’s ones (building exlused). This information derives from the Osservatorio Ebav related to the artisan workers, who have subscribed to this association during the years 2011-2016, inserted into the Quaderno Q1/2017. The favorable business context started last years (the Venetian PIL is increased by 1,2% and the national one is increased by 1%). In Veneto during a year the jobs are increased from 161.730 to 166.489. The leap is big: 4.75 [...]

Looking at the figures: the tannery district of Vicenza is confirmed and looks to the future

The Chamber of Commerce speaks clearly: the tannery remains the flagship of the Venetian economy and, in particular, of Vicenza. The trend on the domestic sales front is positive, but export can improve. The confirmation comes from the report "Economia vicentina flash" drawn up by the Chamber of Commerce's office dedicated to the Italian tanning industry. «If we take into account the only sector "Tannery in the strict sense” - the report says - the primacy of the Vicenza province clearly emerges in the ranking of provincial realities: Vicenza is on the podium, however, relative to the incidenc [...]

Conceria Tris: the new showroom is open

What there is behind a product? Craftsmanship, passion and innovation: this is the air you breathe in the new Conceria Tris showroom. A minimal and essential location, which allows our guests to focus on what matters most: our Made in Italy leathers. The Conceria Tris showroom, in Lonigo (VI)   The path that visitors take is a real journey of discovery of the leather, as well as we intend in Conceria Tris since 1969. With the touch, in fact, you can actually caress the different textiles and feel their texture, feel the touch of the different processes and find out the perceived effect [...]

Leather is alive thanks to the tannery craftsmen: words by Gianni Russo, President of UNIC

"The Italian economy's recovery is modest": these are the words by Gianni Russo, President of UNIC (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria*,to which also Conceria Tris joins), expressed during the last General Assembly of the Association, in Milan. "Exports weaken, world trade slows and prospects of large non-European economies remain relatively uncertain. Domestic consumptions seem divided, but not for downstream products of our supply chain. If the sectors of Leather and Furniture slightly slow down, the Clothing remains stable and the Auto industry goes through a period of recovery, mainly du [...]

Conceria Tris for environmental sustainability: cogeneration

Can you always be more environmentally friendly, making every year a step further? In our opinion, yes. And that is why we have installed in Conceria Tris, a cogeneration plant in partnership with BioBrent Srl, Noventa Vicentina. The plant, already active, saves us in the use of primary energy, emit less harmful substances in the environment (in particular, oxides of nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and, together, reduce costs, ensuring maximum production performance. COGENERATION: WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? Cogeneration is a process that allows you to simultaneously produce electricity and heat, [...]

Lineapelle Summer 18: ready to go

Everything is ready for Lineapelle: from 21 to 23 February 2017 Conceria Tris will attend the Milan edition of Lineapelle Summer 18, the international exhibition of leathers, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models. Come to visit us in Fieramilano!   SUMMER 2018 TREND This edition will be dominated by the theme of light, gloss and iridescent tones. After several seasons of "creative caution", in fact, the Lineapelle Fashion Committee has chosen to walk the path of discontinuity and to propose innovative and original trends for Spring / Summer 2018.   PARALLEL - EDITI [...]

2016: goals, success and wish

Here we are: Christmas is coming and the excitement is in all the business departments. This is the perfect time to analyze our results and our goals for the future. In fact, Tannery Tris will be closed from from December 24th until January 8th.   How was this year? What's coming next year? Words of Palmerino Bortoli (founder and CEO delegato of Tannery Tris), shared with all employees during the traditional company dinner on December 7th, summarize our results and our project for the next year: "2016 was a challenging year. We shared successes and hardships together, but you know, t [...]

Conceria Tris at LINEAPELLE MILANO 21-22-23 February 2017 /Summer 2018

Tannery Conceria Tris Spa will partecipate at the next edition of Lineapelle, from 21 to 23 of february 2017. The fair will take place in FIERAMILANO RHO. The event is focused on the international exhibithion of leather, accessories, components, syntetic and models for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furnishing for Summer 2018. - Visit us! HALL 15 - STAND D19-21 / E20-22